villa for sale in sierra blanca

VILLA SERENITY for sale IN SIERRA BLANCA, Casacada de Camojan


Mediterranean architecture ⛵️, Villa Serenity

The Golden Mile territory is located between western side of Marbella and the exclusive Puerto Banus Marina. All the conditions for enjoying life are collected here - endless clean beaches, unique microclimate ensure you feel comfortable even in the hottest months of the summer.

The stunning villa with distinctive Mediterranean architecture and tiled roof offers an incomparable combination of modern chic and traditional charm. It will satisfy even the most demanding customers At the entrance to the grand floor, we find ourselves in a spacious room with large windows, which also offer a gorgeous view. And the amazingly beautiful spiral staircase leading to the first floor gives the villa an aristocratic vibe.

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luxury mansion in Golden Mile Marbella 🥂

A beautifully designed living room contributes greatly to the prestige and reputation of this luxury mansion in Golden Mile Marbella. Dark wood finishes add a touch of mystery to the kitchen, yet create a cozy atmosphere.

The kitchen is fully equipped with highend appliances and features a bespok e island with marble countertops.

The dining room is the heart of the home. This is the place where you enjoy delicious food and have a good time with your family. The discreet luxury of the classic interior looks status and at the same time cozy. When arranging the dining room, we tried to pay special attention to symmetry, proportions, and paired items.

The master bedroom is also decorated in a classic style, and adheres to the golden rule of monochrome interiors, combining different textures and shades, thanks to which the space does not look flat. And rounded soft lines create a very soothing atmosphere.

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villa for sale in sierra blanca

Villa for sale in Sierra Blanca -  Serenity

tropical gardens, The Villa for sale in Sierra Blanca 🌴

The spacious study room is wonderfully designed, has its exit to the terrace, and is located away from other rooms so that the owners have the opportunity to fully concentrate on their thought processes. Just imagine how wonderful it is to sit here with a book and enjoy the beautiful view of the tropical gardens and palm trees. I like this villa for sale in Sierra Blanca.

The villa has a wine cellar combined with a game room, this is the perfect place to relax and spend time with friends. This space is consistent with the overall style of the entire villa: dark wood, rich fabrics, and hand-forged iron details. This space also offers views of the garden.

To maintain the health and beauty of the owners, the villa has a spacious gym, which also offers a magnificent view from the panoramic windows. And the adjacent Turkish sauna allows you to completely relax after a great work out.

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