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The Golden Mile, the most luxurious and privileged residential area in Marbella, surrounded by beautiful lush greenery stretches along the 5km splendid maritime promenade from the entrance of Puerto Banus to the Pirulí, the emblem of the city of Marbella, covered with copper plates. Located on the beachside, the Golden Mile is home to the most desirable, intimate villas with direct access to the beach whose residents are mainly accomplished politicians and successful businessmen who have owned their homes for generations. Around these magnificent mansions, iconic and sought after resorts such as the Marbella Club Hotel and the Puente Romano resort contribute to the entertainment of the beachside, being the pinnacle of luxury living.

The Marbella Golden Mile is a promenade that extends for 5km along the coast of Marbella, ranging from Puerto Banus to the Piruli. The Piruli is a type of monolith that resembles that of a lighthouse. For many, it acts as the figure for the entrance of Marbella and is a reminder of the aesthetic that former president Jesus Gil brought into Marbella.


The Marbella Golden Mile is a highly prestigious area due to its proximity to the beach, making properties on this strip the most sought-after. It is home to some of the best 5-star hotels in Marbella, such as the Marbella Club Hotel and the Puente Romano Resort, as well as many Michelin-star restaurants and amenities. The name itself indicates the prestige the promenade holds, with many of the longest-standing businesses sitting on the Marbella Golden Mile.

Immersed in a Californian atmosphere with its abundant palm trees lining the main boulevard paired with its extremely favourable microclimate, the Golden Mile is often compared to Beverly Hills, the international symbol of the ultimate in luxury, giving way to a unique lifestyle.

This very tranquil area extends into the hills, where sumptuous villas of the most affluent foreign families were also built within exclusive neighbourhoods such as Sierra Blanca, Nagüeles, Marbella Hill Club and Cascada de Camoján, offering the highest standards of luxury and privacy with stunning sea views.

It is important to understand that the Marbella Golden Mile isn't classified as a district, like in the cases of Nueva Andalucia or Marbella. It is simply a name designated to the strip and its surrounding areas. Interestingly enough, people in Marbella have their own conceptions of what is considered the Marbella Golden Mile and what isn't. For instance, some may consider Sierra Blanca to be part of the Marbella Golden Mile, although it is quite far from the strip itself. Nagueles, Puente Romano, Lomas de Marbella Club, La Carolina, El Vicario, Monte Paraiso and El Capricho are sub-areas under the Golden Mile.

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